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Anyone know a good place online to get repro British Identity Discs?


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I'd like to get some commemorative dog tags made, but would like them to be British style dog tags. Don't know much about British dog tags, but if I am correct, they are round. WWI-modern era . . . I'd be interested if anyone knows a good place online to get repro dog tags made. :) Thanks!



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Just make sure you get the proper style for WWI if that is what you are looking for. I'm in a hurry, but I believe the most commonly encountered WWI set was one reddish color round tag, and one brown color tag that was more rectangular with clipped corners. The common WWII version had two round tags, one red and one green if I remember correctly. Of course the markings would have differed 'COE' for Church of England, etc.

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Thanks for the links! I'm deciding which would be a better thing . . .old-style fibre or new metal? The modern British dog tags are round, right?

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Ive attached some pictures which will hopefully help you


ww1 - consisted of 1 green 8 sided thick fibre and 1 redish brown round fibre disk sometimes a second red fibre disk was issued to attach to the service respirator, both green and red disks were hand stamped with Surname, Initials, service number and religion (C E is church of England). disks were suspended from one long and one short piece of cotton cord C E


ww2 - same as ww1 but they were thinner and tended to be better produced still hand stamped with surname, initials, service number and religion (C of E is church of England) but now also introduced RAF if service member was an airman Army and navy were never stamped on the disks. disks were suspended from one 38 inch cotton cord and one short cord (cotton cord was often replaced with boot lace)


60s - this is when the fibre was replaced with stainless steel and consisted of 2 circular disks and 1 oval disk suspended by a green nylon cord


90s - the oval disk was removed and the 2 circular disks remain however personnel still in service at this time would still have the oval one


current issue - 2 circular non reflecting stainless steel disk containing blood group, service number, surname, initials, M for male or F for female they stopped doing the RAF (army were moaning) and are suspended on one long chain 24inches long and a short chain 4.5inches long


these aren't worn whilst personnel are in the UK and are only worn whilst in theatre weather that be to the sunny Falkland islands or to Afghan I'm current service RAF

the image of the modern tags has the religion covered by the rubber outer (not issued and has to be brought by the service member) CE is now church of England





I don't have a picture of the 60s style oval tags unfortunately




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