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Signed Officer Photo Japanese?


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Ive had this framed Officer for some time. The name is hard to read even though I see Vice Admiral and Commanding Officer. The problem is I have never seen this type of visor. Im thrown off by the visor badge with the eagle and anchor combination. Im guessing it is post war Japanese. Anybody have any idea what country and time period? If I had that information, I may be able to identity this officer. It appears the last two letters of his last name is do. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.



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My thought was this might be Japan's Coast Guard, which currently uses a similar cap device. The problem is the center portion of the badge currently worn has a blossom rather than the crossed anchors. But the wreath appears to be what is used for police cap devices, and the eagle above it suggest an air component.


It might be an older version of the badge.


Let's see who else chimes in on this one.

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