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1979 All Quiet On The Western Front Scene Dubbed In German

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Found this just now, the parade scene dubbed in German, I guess this comes from the German TV version and the whole movie is dubbed, posting it for just for fun, one of course has to overlook the errors in uniforms :lol:



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You know I would really love to see the original All Quiet on the Western Front dubbed in German, not only that but with the soundtrack completely remastered at the same time, like the explosions and other ambient sounds, that would be "FANTASTISCH"

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What I noticed in this dubbed version is the officer greeting the emperor says their unit is the 1. Bataillon 150. Infantrie Regiment , in the English,the original TV show and or VHS/DVD he does say only the 150th Infantry Battalion as their unit.


Still, there is a bit of inaccuracy, as they should of said the unit in correct manner, that being Infantrie Regiment Nr 150, or better still made the unit a Reserve Regiment, as all these guys, Baumer, Kropp Leer et al were 1914 War Volunteers, and War Volunteers were generally sent to fill out the reserve regiments, Conscripts sent to Standing Army Regiments it seems



The Unit in question, 150. Infantrie Regiment, being of course a real one, from East Prussia.


1. Ermländisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 150





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