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Fred Borgmann

Prussian 1813-1814 medal

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Have you ever noticed that with coin collectors condition is very important. It is a whole different world with military medal collectors.  Medals were meant to be worn so moderate wear is not a negative factor and actually enhances the medal’s historical appeal plus it adds to the authenticity of the medal.  The medal here has so much wear that if it were a coin it would be close to a cull.  This medal however while lower in monetary value than one in nicer shape still has that historic feel to it and can be handled  without worry. 
Prussia 1813-1814 Campaign Medal
This historic 29 mm bronze Prussian 1813-1814 Combatants Campaign Medal (H&S 1330) is made from captured cannon bronze as  stated on the edge in the  German  inscription “AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUTZ” which is still partially visible.  The obverse has the Crowned FW monogram and the reverse has the straight arm version of the radiant iron cross with the dates 1813 above 1814 in a wreath. The original owner probably wore this medal until the loop broke off and then carried it as a pocket piece for many years more as evidenced by the medal’s nice even wear. I can just visualize the old veteran limping into the local beer garden and accidentally on purpose letting the others there see the medal in his change pouch when purchasing his beer and then saying something like yah at the battle of Leipzig that’s when we sent old Bonaparte back home.  

Prussia 1813 1814224.jpg

Prussia 1813 1814225.jpg

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