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The way it's constructed looks like a last ditch bayonet with steel bands holding everything together. It has steel bands on the sheath as well under the canvas cover (I can feel them). The blade is a regular shin gunto. The tsuba is just a steel disc. I've never seen another one like it, is it last ditch or something assembled post war from parts? Does anyone know what it is and if it was something made during the war was the handle covered with something originally. The termite damage and color makes me think that at one point the handle had something over it.




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Your sword is not anything like an official late war Japanese sword from my viewpoint.  So, nothing official or sanctioned.  It is also not configured in storage mounts.


It appears, from what I can see, to be a compilation of parts that some collectors call a "Frankenstein".  The real question is when was it assembled and why?  My best guess would be postwar as you suggest.


I hope this is helpful.


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