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M1948 Volkspolizei Uniform

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This is an example of the first East German Deutschen Volkspolizei (DVP) blue uniform that replaced the wartime green uniform that was worn without NS insignia.  It was worn from October 1948 until it was replaced by the Model 1954 Volkspolizei green uniform.  As there was no East German Army, Navy, or Air Force at this time the Volkspolizei served as the standing military until the foundation of the DDR military in 1956.  


This blue wool uniform was adopted on 1 October 1948.  It is a four button open collar tunic that was worn with a light blue shirt and a red tie.  It was worn with blue wool breeches, straight long trousers, or (ski style) boot trousers.  Caps were a blue peaked cap or a ski cap with metal star insignia on the front for men.  This uniform shows NCO rank by the shoulder boards and collar tabs.  Only a few awards were allowed to be worn and this uniform has a proper award worn on loops.  The pants are long "boot trousers" cut like late WWII combat trousers or those worn by Panzer troops.  These were for active duty barracked police.  



DDR DVP jacke side.JPG

DDR DVP jacke collar.JPG

DDR DVP jacke back.JPG

DDR DVP luger holster.JPG

DDR DVP buckle.JPG

DVP WM shoulderboards.JPG

DVP tunic youth pin.JPG

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Here are some photos of the ski pants style "boot trousers" worn by militarized barracked police.  They were worn with laced boots with gaiters or tucked in the top of short boots.  This style of pant is quite scarce.  



DVP ski pants.JPG

DVP ski pants waist.JPG

DVP ski pants interior.JPG

DVP ski pants pockets.JPG

DVP ski pants leg.JPG

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WOW, Absolutely gorgeous very early Volkspolizei Uniform !! I just happened across a nice & quite early Vopo Group with Documents from 1954 - 1955 through 1957 - 1958, IIRC. Man was an DDR 'Meister d' Volkspolizei.

I'm attempting to research him now, but as you may be aware, that can be a bit difficult, perhaps even more so than a Nazi era Polizeimanner !! Very nice item, THANKS for sharing.


                Best regards,    Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com

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Thanks for the kudos Dom.  These early uniforms are like pulling teeth to get them out of German hands, and they are almost impossible to find on this side of the pond.  This one came out of Germany years ago and they are not cheap.  Good luck on your research.  You should show your early grouping when you have time.  I would love to see it.


I think I will make a thread on the Model 1954 green uniform as a companion piece to this uniform style.  Those are hard to find as well. 



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Hey Sarge, THANKS much for your reply. Years ago when I was still in High School, & when prior to that I used to literally dream about being wealthy enough to collect the Warsaw Pact stuff !! Back then, circa the mid 1970's anything W/P related was so expensive, I'm certain that was based upon its relative rarity. Who knew back then that the whole CCCP System would collapse later on !! I've always especially loved the DDR VOPO & TRAPO related uniforms & such. What I REALLY hate myself for is not taking advantage of all the DDR issue weapons that came over, I recall all the being Malaria, DDR Copy Walther PP's, etc.. IIRC, you could even purchase one of the Polizei issued Makarovs, complete with their 'official' issue Maintenance Log Books, all with reference to the particular Vopo or whomever it had been issued to !!! Talk about RARE !! Unfortunately though, at that point in time I simply didn't have the money to stock up on such stuff, so I lost out big time. I did at least pick up a few Polizei Pistolen, such as a Berlin marked Manhurin P.1 w/ complete rig, Walter PP w/ rig, stamped for 'R.P.', Rhineland Pfalz, but as exam see, they're both West German. I still saved my 3rd Reich & 1920's +/- Mauser M-1914's & P.08's etc. I'm sorry to cut this short, but I'm being 'paged' to help take the shopping in !! We'll chat again soon, take care.


              Best,    Dom  / dpast32@aol.com

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