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Hi There-

     If you take your upper first image and rotate it clockwise one quarter, the flag will be in the proper position.  The large slogan written horizontally across the top says, Ki Buun Chokyu or I pray your military fortunes are long lasting.  There are other slogans on the flag including one four character slogan that mentions, Certain Victory!  I don't see that the flag was presented to anyone as I cannot see the character that identifies the owner.  



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Hello Bob-

     I hope that your summer has been a good one....in spite of the covid shutdown.  The anticipated release of the book was sometime this summer.  I received the galley copy for editing in early June.  I returned it to the publisher about a week or so later.  My guess is that the numerous red line corrections and edits have now slowed the process again.  I have received no word as far as a release date, so have been telling everyone that we will see it when we see it. 

     Based upon the galley copy, the final book will be quite good, with many colorful and well researched tiger and tiger related flags.  Along with those are numerous antique wood cut illustrations of tigers from some of Japan's most well-known wood cut artists, stories of ancient samurai and tiger battles and many other related stories and lore.  There will be between 60-70 different tiger illustrated flags, many offered courtesy of friends, including you.   Some of the tiger artwork has even been researched back to the actual artists, although most tiger painted flags were illustrated by unknown amateur artists.  

     This book has been a long time in coming and I am as excited as many of you are to see it in print.  I'll be sure to let everyone here know how things are progressing, once I get any news.  









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