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It's a sankashou (参加章) = Participation Award


Unfortunately, I cannot read exactly for what


全国青年学校(  ??  )大会 zenkoku seinen gakkou ( ?? ) taikai = National Boys School ( ?? ) Tournament 


The characters look like seichi 聖地 (holy ground, sacred land). That doesn't make any sense (to me) but it could have been used for a certain type of tournament, I just don't know. 


This, as with most medals/badges from this time, is written in a highly stylized font known as Tenshotai


Characters are read right to left on the medal (the characters I have written above are written left to right in alignment with modern Japanese) 

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Thank you both for your expertise! So some type of boys school tournament? I've tried using google to search again but have not had any luck. I'd read another post you had mentioned how difficult it is to read the stylized Tenshotai font Eric, it doesn't help having such a small uploaded photo I'm sure. Really do appreciate your help.


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