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Some of my Bring-Backs from Iraqi Freedom

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As an Intelligence Sergeant at Special Operations Task Force - Central, I was in Baghdad, and moved around south of there into Shia area.  I managed to pick up several nice Iraqi leather holster, which I've go displayed in my 'man cave.'  These holsters are mounted on a wall, beside one of the uniforms, helmet, and other items I wore while in Iraq (the M4 is an airsoft I hung up for display).


I literally dug this old green helmet out of a pile of dirt and manure at an Iraqi farm outside Baghdad.  Cleaned it as best I could, and now it hangs on my wall.  Looks sort of like the old Soviet style steel pot.


I also brought home several display fliers from anti-U.S. Jaysh al-Mahdi (JAM) militia.  These inserts were captured on a JAM target in an Najaf in 2006, and were inserted into the plastic CD/DVD cases of anti-Western sermons which were passed out to the local people.  Most of these feature JAM leader Muqtada al-Sadr, who is basically a thug who's father was a well revered Shia Muslim cleric.  Anti-U.S. and Anti-Israel themes.  I also brought home some large JAM banners.


I spent some time with an attached PSYOP guy, who gave me several leaflets and posters for Iraq's SOF and Commando forces.  I went out on a show-of-force operation with the 36th Commandos, and some of these flyers were distributed to the locals.  I got got hold of a few comic books depicting the Iraqi police, and Iraqi Army in positive light.


A few photos of me.







20170702_185504 (2).jpg
















2006 - Bryan in Southeast Baghdad.JPG

2005 - Back from the Green Zone.JPG

CIMG5481 - Copya.JPG

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