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Spotted these in a flea market today.


I don't believe these are copies, but I will take advise as to originality.


I found reference to the victory metal & am showing the one I am looking at & stated copy.


What would be s good price on these as a group? Not something I would normally seek out.




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Those are all copies/fantasies of actual medals. Usually called "tourist" medals because they were sold to foreign tourists in China.


One of the pictured is the Order of the Cloud and Banner. Real ones that I have is pictured below 6th-9th class. I don't have one, but the one that is bar shaped with big V is pictured below of the reverse of an original one.

Rarely, national Republic of China awards say Kuomintang (KMT) - 國民黨 or the Nationalist party. Only political party awards would have the name. Copies of ROC medals made under the communist rule will usually put KMT as I think most awards/badges that were issued by the Chinese Communist Party put their name. 


Pre-1949 awards don't use simplified Chinese writing, thats if you know Chinese writing. ROC medals do not use communist style ribbons. Another way to know these are fake, they are all made with the same metal and same paint enameling.





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