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Okay, I will say out front I am torn on this one.


One of the guys that scours old shops and estate sales brought this in with a letter from the Veteran's son listing this and many other items his dad brought back ( still waiting to see some of those items).


At first it looked like a basic army dagger but on the hangers the hardware is gold colored, and the rings around the sheath are much fancier then I am used to seeing.


I have showed it to many collector / dealers that I trust and everyone is torn.


The two schools of thought are it's a basic Army with weird oxidation or that it is a General's dagger.


German is not one of my strong points, so totally feel like a rookie here.


So what are the thoughts here?


Thanks in advance,








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Hi Bob,


Let me say up front that what constitutes a "General Officer" dagger is controversial among collectors with little original primary document proof.  Having said that, you do have an early (Squirrel inside two oval rings marking) Eickhorn Army Officer dagger.  Eickhorn catalogs only show a silver Army Officer dagger as their catalog number 1702.  They describe it as "Offizierdolch fur die Wehrmacht, nach Vorschrift, weisser Griff, versilberte, Montur und Scheide."  They also offer different grips at higher prices.  They do not offer a "General Officer" dagger or a gilt finish.  So, are daggers worn by General's silver or gilt?


Your dagger looks proper but I can't see any gilt on it just some gold-ish tarnish.  Eickhorn used a distinctive gilt wash that gives the appearance of a matt or dull gold color.  This always looks a lot like German-Silver tarnish and it rather easily rubs off.  So, your dagger looks like a regulation Army Officer dagger that could be worn by any officer to me.  So, that leaves the accouterments and this looks like a standard aluminum wire Army Officer Portepee to me as well.  Most gold color Portepee of this length we tend to think of as Naval.  Then it comes down to the hangers.  I see a standard set of Heer hangers with gold color fittings.  Are we looking at a copper under-plate with the silver worn off or are we looking at worn gilt?  It looks like worn gilt to me but you have it in hand.  And if so, what does that mean?


At any rate it is a nice early Eickhorn Army Officer dagger.  Might it have been worn by a General... perhaps. Is it a General Officer dagger... possibly.  I would not bet the farm that there is a specified "General's Dagger" but you know how opinions are.  Everyone has got one.  I do hope this is helpful.




"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson

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