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The first two flags were brought home by a Marine who served in HQ Company, 22nd Marines, 6th Marine Division.  They include a plain meatball flag signed by fellow 22nd Marines.  The second is a handmade good luck flag with an interesting purple meatball and lots of writing.  I'm not sure if the color has a meaning or if it was just all that was available when the flag was made.  They both have meaning to me because by uncle Tommy, one of my Dad's older brothers, served with the 22nd Marines and lost his left leg during the invasion of Eniwetok Atoll.  The third flag was also an Okinawa souvenir taken from the body of a dead Japanese soldier and was accompanied with a Japanese bill.002.JPG.85935d7ab9888b9abab3f2195aaba35c.JPG








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