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AirForce, Army,Police types of Cammo

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name tape,South Africa also makes this style with different colours red or maroon backing. 
Air Force tabs at shoulders these are Black on green when issued but these examples have been faded by the African sun




Rank badges for Officer’s are slip on

for other ranks will be black on olive sewn on the arm between shoulder and elbow 


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Apart from some early examples Police camouflage uniforms are the same patterns as the AirForce and Army types. The majority of these have no insignia sewn on as the BSAP wore slip on titles and rank.7D3AED47-7FF6-49E7-9466-BB4F47CCC682.jpeg.21c2d9d77bd32b5142dd41e67d548f01.jpeg



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In or around 1986 the Zimbabwe Govt dyed any remaining camo black. At this time the Zimbabwe army had its own camouflage but the “dissidents” or people planning to overthrow the Government, mainly Matabele ex soldiers who were being subjected what should be labeled genocide,( many who still had the old cammo).

by dying the old stuff black the Government troops/policemen could still wear it without fear of being targeted as a dissident.



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Such a great and informative thread.  Thank you!

Always looking for US and foreign militaria from the Central American wars circa 1970-1990


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