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New Zealand issue 1942 frog skin camo

Kia kaha

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these were issued and worn to soldiers of the 3 rd N.Z. Division which served in the South Pacific 1941-44,

They were not issued in large numbers, but part of the experiment of producing a suitable camouflage for the jungle environment.
The 3 NZDiv. Work shops spray painted the issue khaki drill uniform with permanent lacquers dark green and brown with spots of lime green. The USMC P42 trousers only were darkened with spray lacquer as they were considered to light and bright in the deep jungle.



30 Battalion 3N.Z. Division.  One guy has P42 trouser the rest are wearing N.Z.made khaki drill uniform painted with U.S. belts and hats.





Garments were layed flat on the ground painted then flipped and painted again.flies left open





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