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WWI German 10th Armee Award

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Fred Borgmann

Germany 10th Armee News Paper Award Medal.

This is an award medal for loyal co-operation  with the WWI German 10th Armee News Paper.  The medal is 44 mm in diameter with a plain edge and looks like it is nickel clad bronze.  The obverse has a soldier wearing a WWI style helmet and is signed “P. MAHSKE”.   The reverse shows a hand held sword within the legend, “FUER TREUE MITARBEIT. ZEITUNG 10. ARMEE.”  

There actually was a German 10th Army news paper but I would think that a hand held sword might not be the best design for a news paper award.  That plus the general look and feel of this medal makes me wonder if this might be a fantasy medal.  Has anyone seen one of these before?

10th armee352.jpg

10th armee353.jpg

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