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M35 for review

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Hi all, I'm a member over at the USMF and typically only collect WWII USMC items, along my journeys I picked up this WWII German helmet. I'm hoping someone on this site could confirm what  I have here, and possibly suggest what the current market value is. 

Based upon my reading I believe this is a M35 helmet, originally double decal, but one decal was removed. Other decal is intact and I believe is original? shell is marked Q 66.   I think Q denotes the manufacturer and  66 is the size. There is what looks like remnants of a rectangular sticker on the back of the helmet, which i was told is likely a shipping tag, apparently during the war soldiers would just stick a label on  helmets and mail them home as souvenirs, no box needed. 








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Hi Chris, I'm not even close to being an expert on TR headgear but I believe it is an M35 and the Q is for the manufacturer of Quist, I'm sure someone with a lot more expertise than myself will be along shortly.



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