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Soviet WW II Photo


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Dear Militaria Collectors,


I hope you had great weekend picking so far. I was wondering if anybody could help identify what type of soldiers are in this photo or what time period this photo is from? Russians? Post War?





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Could they be Poles of the  Kościuszko Infantry Division? 


Here's a photo of General Zigmut Berling commander of the Soviet 1st Polish Corps wearing the type cap and what looks like the same type cap badge. note too the type tunic he's wearing, just like the group in the OP photo.


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I would assume that Soviet soldiers would be wearing a "gymnastyorka" rather than a fully buttoned front tunic. The "Gymna" was worn by the Soviet Army well into the 1960's. I am also a bit surprised to see such large insignia on the side caps as that is not something that you really see during the war. I am guessing that the photo is more from the 1950's era. 


The unit would have to be a rather special one with virtually all of the soldiers carrying PPSh machineguns. The PPSh was a highly-prized weapon for Soviet troops and it was one that was often used by German forces when they could get their hands on them. Normally, there would be one of these per platoon, and usually carried by an NCO. To see eight together with one heavy machine gunner and two soldiers with Moisin Nagant rifles is also interesting. I would guess that the guy second from the right was an officer based on his appearing to not have any weapon at all. Perhaps he has a pistol in a holster that we can't see?


Great photo! I'd like to hear what others think.



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