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Re-Issued Austrian Steel Helmet

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I picked up an interesting postwar Austrian steel helmet at the Kansas City Military Collectors Club (KCMCC) show today.  


This helmet started out life as a Volunteer Fire Department (FFW) helmet but it has been refurbished and re-issued to the Austrian Police (Polizei).  It has a complicated fire department style leather liner with arrowhead style finger tabs for a leather havelock to keep burning embers and water off the neck but this has been removed.  The steel helmet has been taken apart and repainted inside and out.  This helmet has flat screws, rather like the German Paratrooper helmet, that attach the liner to the steel shell that enables it to be taken apart and then reassembled.  The steel shell has been painted police green and an Austrian helmet decal has been affixed to the left side.


An interesting modification.



Aust Pol helmet front.JPG

Aust Pol helmet side.JPG

Aust Pol helmet inside.JPG

Aust Pol helmet stamp 2.JPG

Aust Pol helmet stamp.JPG

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I forgot to mention that the original FFW helmet paint color was white.  One can see remnants of the white undercoat where there are chips in the green over-paint.  



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