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M33 Helmet- Comments Welcome

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I've heard it said often that Italian M33s are a minefield.  So what did I step in with this one? I've wanted one for a long time hope I did OK here.  It seemed to hit most of the good signs for a WWII issue M33 so I took a shot for $70 including shipping.  It has the gray/green leather chin strap, rectangular strap bales, 2 horizontal stitches at the back of the liner.  And 2-split vent pins holding the liner on. All good points.  Things that worry me are if the felt is orange enough, or too yellow?  The evidence of some kind of badge mounted on the front.  I can't locate any badge of that shape that was used on these things, Italian or any other clone or foreign re-issue that I can find.  What was it?  The paint has me stumped too.  It looks a mess.  Is the paint on the main body Italian? Wartime?  And what about the remains of very think tan colored paint along the rim?  My dream is that it's from North Africa.  Also, it looks like "I114" is stamped into the metal of the inside rim of the shell.  Any comments opinions and insights are welcome. 


Thanks for looking, and for any info you may have for me.


M33 Side.jpg

M33 (5).jpg

M33 Liner.jpg

M33 (6).jpg

M33 Chin Srap Bale.jpg

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Thanks, Rene.  Nice to hear from you. Hope you are well.  I had found that page and several others before pulling the trigger. I posted the helmet here to get some confirmation, and to add to the data base on this site. 


As to my interest in M33s, despite my Italian heritage, I have almost nothing Italian in my humble collection. I thought a helmet would be a good representation. I like helmets!  The M33 and it's derivatives were in use for so long and by so many, that finding an Italian wartime example can be tough. This one is rugged, but I was fairly sure it was correct. 



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