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Seeking Translation of Name on Reverse of Photograph


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Good Morning Gentleman,  I recently obtained this WW2 era photograph, & I'm not certain as the individual's name ? If anyone would please be so kind to translate it for me, I'd be most appreciative. Also, in addition to the name information, I would be interested in any related data pertaining to his uniform, & or anything else which may be of interest ? THANK YOU


                Best regards,     dpast32

s-l1600 - 2021-10-07T162940.967.jpg

s-l1600 - 2021-10-07T162957.116.jpg

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THANK YOU Lars !! Yet again you have so kindly come to my aid ! I knew it had to someone's name, although I wasn't all to certain as to the spelling?T

Take care My Friend,


              Best,    Dom P.

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