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VietNam Era Rip-Stop pants


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I have been looking for reproduction rip-stop pants.  The only thing that I can find are Tactical pants worn by police .  I see some that look very similar and are not as light weight.  I used to buy them at a "Surplus" store in Burbank, CA but they don't carry them anymore.  

I like the feel of the original because they were lightweight and dried very quickly---a necessity in muggy Mississippi.  


Again, I'm talking Reproduction but I want the exact type material.



Ripstop pants.JPG

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49 minutes ago, vintageproductions said:

Try Moore's Militaria

They do have them: 1st pattern, 2nd and 3rd.   The cheapest is the 3rd pattern at $55.00.

  I forget what I paid for the pair that I bought to try out.  Probably $60.  I may have to get a pair. 


"Reproduction 3rd Pattern R/S Jungle Fatigues, Economy. We have decided to offer these as an "economy" option. These fatigues are mass produced by Rothco and are Vietnam styled, with slant pockets, etc. but they lack specific details such as drain holes, inner pockets, correct tags, etc. Because of their off the shelf fabric, lack of specific details and their production numbers, we can offer them at a reduced rate. Fatigues are 100% cotton ripstop and have been "pre-aged" so they appear to be faded."

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