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Rebel Flag bearer --- Previously owned


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My local soldier dealer was set-up with his sales tables at the local antique shop.  I didn't buy anything for me but bought two sets of 3 Civil War figures for a buddy on another web forum.  

A few years ago, he sold me this one.


It is a okay toy soldier of a Confederate Flag Bearer.   Maybe painted by some local artist.  

However, it was previously owned by comedian Jonathan Winters.  

Jonathan Winters collected toy soldiers as well as uniforms and hats, swords and, I think, guns.

After his death, his estate was auctioned off and these figures were handled through a dealer.  



It is said that Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams would sit on the floor and arrange their toy soldiers in formation. 

Here he is with Robin Williams on Johnny Carson Late Night Show wearing a soldier's uniform.



Jonathan Winters served 2-1/2 years in the Pacific with the Marines.






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24 minutes ago, Jack the Collector said:

Winters was an "outsider" artist,he may very well have painted it to.

I think the label has the artist's name, Dan Patterson, and the name of the manufacturer, Scruby.  At least that is what I understood the dealer to mean.  

I have been successful in googling and finding photos of Winter's collection.  I couldn't find it this time.

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