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More Britain’s…it must be Christmas time


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Always equate toy soldiers with Christmas from my early years when I would visit Polks Hobby’s, the Soldier Shop, and later Burlington Antiques in NYC before Christmas to spend my hard earned allowance on Old Britain’s….Well with colder weather upon me, these followed me home today. A very clean pre-war set #44 (pre-1937)The Queens Bays with a Fred Whisstock box, and original packing paper….and set #80 Royal Navy Running at Slope pre WWI (considered by collectors Ancients era) with early printers box.






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I'm not that knowledgeable on the old Britains sets.   I'm sure the older sets are hard to find.  When were these two sets produced?  I saw a previous post on the White Jackets.  

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And to you Old Marine! 

Custerman: Britains can be divided into three eras: Ancients (1893-1918),pre war (20’s and 30’s) and post WWII thru1966. Each period has a identifiable painting style. All Britain’s were manufactured in England thru the three periods lead figures were produced. Obviously, Ancients are rarer and harder to find.  Each period has their fans. The earlier thread on the Whitejackets was one of my posts, this set shown here is slightly earlier and still has its original box. This style of box is called a Printer Label style. In the 1910’s Britain’s moved away from the Printer labels and contracted with an artist to design art for its boxes. The artist was Fred Whisstock, who produced a series of boxes that were more appealing in appearance, and so are sought by some collectors. Probably this set of sailors was produced between 1897 and 1910. While the figures posted in a earlier thread were probably made between 1910 and 1920. You can tell this by modifications the factory made to its casting around 1910. The Queens Bay figures are less rare and continued to be produced into the 1950’s, but in a slightly different painting style. What I liked about these was the price and the condition. I hope this helps .

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2 minutes ago, Dirk said:

hope this helps .

Yes.  My Dealer who I saw today knows a lot more than I do about the Britains.  I was looking at the Conte figures and noticed it had almost the same set of three American Civil War Iron Brigade as the Britain did.  He said it was the same sculpturer who made both.  


I wonder when there is no "LIKE" button for me to use??

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