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Hello everyone. I’m new to the collectible world. I’m mainly interested in WW2 German and American badges and medals. I’m wondering what’s the best reference book on the market?  Stuff with in-depth photos and detailed info on badges and medals. Let me know what you guys have. I appreciate it!

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Jack the Collector

 I personally prefer the books by Stephen Thomas Previtera .His books are a bit more specialized rather than an overview of them all.




Now as a overview book there is For Fuhrer and Fatherland: Military Awards of the Third Reich (Volume 1) by LTC John R. Angolia. Volume 2 covers the political and civil awards. I must caution you that these 2 volumes have numerous errors and fakes in it. But they will help and I have them personally. You may want to also search Bender Publishing books and see if something there is what you want.Sadly it seems Bender Publishing has ceased operations,so their web site no longer can be reached.







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Since the forum does not have a reference library section yet.. You can still find some reference books in the Book Report Section Here:


BOOK REPORTS - World Militaria Forum


Here is a link to a reference library on the War Relics Forum. When you go to the library you can see it is broken down by US, German and other Countries and you can also see numerous reference books and the ISBN number so it may be easier to search for them and their availability. 


There are literally hundreds of reference books to choose from, and it may be wise to select a particular area to collect and focus on reference books that deal with those badges/medals.


I will wholeheartedly concur with what Jack has said in regards to reference books having fakes, reproductions and misinformation in them, but each book does have it's merits as well..


Back 45 to 50 years ago when collecting Third Reich items was popular (and it still is today but with much caution due to fakes and reproductions) there were not a lot of reference books so we had to make do with what was available at the time.. Books with pencil drawings, photocopies, poor images etc. Now that research has been done on the many aspects of collecting one can find some very decent reference books and it is money well spent in investing in these books in order to be fully informed and educated so you won't make a costly mistake purchasing fake and reproduction items.. 




Best regards, stay safe







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