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Intro and Fairbairn Sykes


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Hi Guys,


New member here.

I am on the US military forums, but, have a few English blades and gear too.


Some photos of my English blades, some US ones may have slipped in too (particularly the last picture.)


Also collect WWII British weapons and accessories to a degree, too.


Nice to meet you all.















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Welcome to the WMF.  


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5 hours ago, SARGE said:



Welcome to the WMF.  





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I am not a knife collector but I have always loved knives ---every since I cut my finger on the first knife I got when I was 6 or 7.  


I would love to have one of those commando daggers even if it was a modern version.  That look so cool and deadly ---if you have the right training.  

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These are my first pattern daggers - photographed in the US.

(My fifth 1st is still in the UK, the Ricasso is shown in the last two pictures.)


As you can see here, my progress as a collector can be plotted by the progression of quality of blade.

When I started I just wanted original first patterns.

Actually I still do, no matter what quality, except when I started that was all I seemed to be able to afford.


These are original First Patterns, the blades were not chemically coated or blued and they often seem to turn up in poor shape.

IMO Much worse on the whole than wartime 2nd or 3rd pattern wartime wear.

(Admittedly, ENGLAND marked 2nd and 3rds often look awful, but that's 100% post war civilian use and wear and of zero interest to me.)


Anyway, these 1st blades go from rough to good.


These knives are not US war reparation knives, they were not "England" stamped in the late 40's.

The wear on the blades is very likely wartime, as there would have been little practicality in carrying the knife later.

Over sharpened and abused like grandad used to do with his pocket folder.


There is some variance in grip knurling and how close it gets to the hand guard, there are theories on this. There are light etch and deep factory etches, there are theories on this too. Watch a show on blade etching, and how the current eats away the steel through the wax and you realize that it's not an exact science at all.


Theses belong, for me at least, in the category marked: if only they could talk.









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Impressive collection.  Thank you for sharing!  

A Fairbairn Sykes is on my “someday” list!  Any advice on where to look and what price range?  I’m sure there are more common (less expensive) on up to rare (and more expensive), just like other collectibles.  Since I don’t collect Fairbairn Sykes specifically, I’m curious as to acceptable price range for a nice knife of the more common variety(ies).



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