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12 inch vintage Gi joes


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does any one here collect. i have recently started to gain a interest in these. i have ordered 2 books and joined a forum. after reading around i seen that the forum is dying the creator is in the process of moving the site to fakebook. i no longer have fakebook hope i can say that without being banned. gunboards banned me for calling it fakebook. i have the complete soldiers of the world set and am currently working on eight ropes of danger. if others have a collection please post some pictures. here is a site i use to look at what i need.


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Preppy Picker

I sold mine in 1970 at my yard sale. Had 11 figures, trunk full, Rat Patrol jeep and more. Bought a single decal Army M42.

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Fallshirmjager with a captured jeep. Hasbro, Cotswold, Dragon and Ultimate Soldier figures and equipment.





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I don't collect, but have been restoring the ones that I had as a kid.  Also have Marx Noble Knights Vikings, and a Captain Maddox. There are a few interesting FB groups for these figures also.  What I find interesting is how popular the updated equipment, either reproductions or newly created, have become.  When I first started buying original items for my existing figures, I thought everyone would snub repros in the same way that military collectors are not interested in collecting repros.  However, it seems that that there are collectors who enjoy these new made items.

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