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WRENS On Duty November 1943


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WRENS Manhandle a Torpedo, I think in Southampton Navy Yard, WRENS undertook these replenishing duties at homes bases in the war, Supplies of all sorts as well as Ordnance.


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Here's more


October 1942. WRENS working on a Machine Gun, the Gun, I think it is a  .303 Browning Machine Gun Mk II* (Correct me if I'm wrong) they are assigned to the Fleet Air Arm, so this Gun  will be one on  Airplane.

oct 42 wrens mg.jpg

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Lets make this a Catch All Topic for Photographs of WRENS.


Here's Canadian WREN, known as The Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS), but I they were still called WRENS. as per their Rates.


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Two more Canadian Wrens.


The Caption

The Wren on the left of the photo, operating the signal light, is Margaret MacMillan; Wren Doris Robinson is on the right. Wrens MacMillan and Robinson were some of the first Canadian Wrens to be trained in signals.


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