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ANA uniforms and things from Kunar


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Ive posted some of this stuff years ago but while I have it out of storage for the moment, I figured Id show all the Afghan things I mailed back from Kunar Province 2012-2013. This is more or less all I sent back. Nothing too exceptional, but perhaps it could help someone see what was around at that time. I was in the infantry and spent most of the time on a COP. When postal came every month or so and I was around, I would mail a box home of things I didn't need and throw in some Afghan stuff. When I got back, I consolidated it all into the same box and have barely touched it since.


$15 and $21 to mail these back to the states.




Worn out ANA shirt. Flag patch is original to the shirt and has been repaired.


This is pretty representative of what I saw a lot of ANA wearing, especially out on remote outposts. Either no patches or something simple was common. 






Used ANA uniforms with two different collar styles


One had some stuff in pocket. Another had the flap on sleeve pocket removed for whatever reason.










Chinese made A.N. Group woodland camo shirt w/ A.N.G. marked buttons. 


Some ANA still wore woodland camo shirts or jackets when I was there






Tailored/modified ANA shirt and pants from a guy that lived next door that I was friendly with. The shirt has the pockets straightened out and the name tape velcro removed, along with some tailoring. I got the patches from him separately so not sure how, or if, he wore them with this particular shirt.


He is in first picture, wearing a different shirt but (although hard to see in this picture) the two patches on his left sleeve are the same ones. He was always having his uniforms tailored or modified.


When he gave me the shirt, he was a little paranoid about someone finding out and him getting in trouble. Officially, such uniforms are supposed to be strictly controlled to prevent Taliban use. In reality, the Taliban had ways to get whatever they wanted.


I found my notepad where he had written his name once. He told me his parents sold jewelry for a living. You can see in the picture of him he has a custom bracelet with his name written on it. The gold colored necklace he gave me one day as a gift. I remember he also told me once his parents were not happy that he was in the army. Didnt find out why.


No idea what happened to him. Hopefully he had left the army long ago.







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T-shirts. A lot of these "AGHAN COMMANDOES" shirts were around suddenly for whatever reason. ANA seemed to actually like them. 


I was looking for the "correct" brown undershirt and one day asked an ANA to get me one. I asked the interpreter to confirm they understood I meant the plain brown color "army" one. They said no problem. A week or so later they come back with the fake "ReBok" shirt. Actually such civilian undershirts were much more commonly worn by ANA, so I was still happy.


Later I found one of the "correct" plain brown shirts. 


The last few months we moved to a relatively small FOB being handed over to the ANA. The interpreter said there was an "ANA Bazaar" outside. A few times I gave him some cash to get things and he would come back with patches and small things like this. I couldnt go to this bazaar myself and never personally saw it.



Afghan boots made by Kabul Melli. These were said to be bad quality and its true. After just sitting in a box they are falling apart. The sole is delaminating and part of it is like a coated foam material which is just cracking and crumbling.






ANA hats. 


Boonie hat is from a shopkeeper at the COP. Two shopkeepers were allowed on the COP and primarily sold us tobacco products (our only way to get them besides through the mail). One also had a sewing machine and we would go to him to repair our uniforms. One day I found out he was also making things for the ANA there. I saw he had already made some hats and "AFGHAN COMMANDOES" combat shirts. I asked him to make another boonie hat and combat shirt for me. I also had a combat shirt made in multicam.


The beret is from the "ANA Bazaar". Made in Thailand.



ANA "AFGHAN COMMANDOES" combat shirt. Made by shopkeeper for ANA.




ANA patches and belt. Most from "ANA Bazaar" outside FOB. On the COP I couldn't even buy US patches except if officially ordered through the army. 


A lot of the Afghan patches have "Allahu Akbar" on them. Some Afghans could be very touchy about non-believers wearing them. 



Afghan scarves. These could be bought almost anywhere and were commonly worn by Afghan soldiers.


Bottom scarf is in Afghan flag colors.


Camo ones from "ANA Bazaar"




Afghan flags. These were bought at JAF if I remember correctly. Common to see in "souvenir" shops for US soldiers at larger bases.


Would have liked to get a real one flown over an Afghan outpost. Those were generally worn-out simple flags with no emblem in the middle (worn away perhaps) and no gold fringe.


I did see flags more like this one with gold fringe flown from vehicles. 






Propaganda leaflets, radio, patriotic items, and cigarettes.


We never handed out propaganda leaflets or gave away things like radios. The thinking at that time was that it was better for Afghan forces to do it in order to boost their status with the civilians. I found the leaflets and poster when cleaning out a storage area. Stuffed a stack in my pocket. 


"Pine Lights" cigarettes were always available and cheap. $4-$5 per carton. Unlike any "western" brands, Afghans would buy them. Importers flooded the country with these and from my understanding they originally come from South Korea. 


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Nice patches. Been looking around the net for Afghan patches from the army/police and NDS (the latter lately).


I've seen the Afghan Commando shirts (not the combat shirt types BTW).

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