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Iron Halbmond


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I picked up a nice German made Turkish Iron Half-Moon (Halbmond) award at the Leavenworth Militaria Show that I thought I would show.  This Turkish award is equivalent to the Prussian Iron Cross 1st Class and was awarded by Turkey to German allies during WWI.  Some medals were Turkish made and the red inlay was simply red paint filling while the German made awards had very nice red enamel.  This example was made by BB&Co. and is so marked on the pin back attachment.  The five pointed star shows the crescent moon and the monogram of the Sultan.  



Iron Halbmond.JPG

Iron Halbmond back.JPG

Iron Halbmond BB&Co.JPG

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Proud Kraut

I had the chance to take photos of a German/Austrian made Halbmond from another collection. If you don´t mind I´m adding the photos of this damaged but still very nice example here.





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Another nicely made non-Turkish example.  While mine has a period repair to the pin on the back, the enamel is perfect.  The enamel is the weak part of these badges as it is often broken.


I think your badge is Austrian made as it has this rather typical "Silber" marking on the pin.  

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