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Assorted Japanese Medals ???

Neil Albaugh

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Neil Albaugh

I bought these when I was a kid living with my family in Tokyo in about 1948. In those days things were a "dime a dozen" in little Japanese second-hand shops. Can anyone identify what these are for and if they are worth anything? I have tried to show the front and back. The fabric is dirty and could stand a careful cleaning.

Medals 1a.jpg

Medals 2a.jpg

Medals 3a.jpg

Medals 4a.jpg

Medals 5a.jpg

Medals 6a.jpg

Medals 7a.jpg

Medals 8a.jpg

Medals 9a.jpg

Medals 10a.jpg

Medals 11a.jpg

Medals 12a.jpg

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Neil Albaugh
4 hours ago, SFC said:

This is the Japanese Red Cross medal, I recognize it because I have been awarded the standard medal.


SFC, Thank you, I had thought that maybe it might be something like that because of the cross. Do you have any idea of what the little blue attachment to the ribbon signifies?


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