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WWII Cross of Lorraine Badge, made by Depose


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I've seen a couple of these over the years, so thought I would post mine. If anyone has one, feel free to post, as it would be interesting to see others to compare!


This is a cloth badge, that is actually just crudely sewn over a piece of cardboard. It is marked "Depose" on the back. I know that Depose made other Free French badges, as well.





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Here are two that look identical but are different shades of blue. My understanding of the wording of Depose on the rear of French military insignia means Design Patent and some sort of warning to not copy.




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I see this is a very old thread BUT since I just added these
to my collection I was looking around and noticed this thread

  From a larger Group
Union II Mission NOTE the dates and location on the paperwork


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