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Large German Reservist’s Pipe, c. 1900


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Large German Reservist’s Pipe, c. 1900. Porcelain pipe bowl, horn and wood pipe stick with colored image of the Reservist and named to Parole Heimath. Cabinet Card with photograph of two soldiers the one on the right is the owner of the pipe. Length: 58” I do not know what Prussian unit this reservist belonged to other than 6/86.










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Great example, Dick. "Parole Heimat" is not his name. It's a commonly seen phrase seen on steins, flasks & pipes which translates loosely to "Going Home"". Bob

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He was a member of the Fuesilier Regiment "Koenigin" (Schleswig-Holsteinisches) Nr. 86 in Flensburg. What a UNIQUE piece of history, wow.





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Thanks for the comments. I have a smaller named pipe that I will post.

Hi Bob,

I always thought Parole was a rank. Thanks for the information. I bought the pipe at a flea market years ago from the man's great granddaughter.She said somewhere she had a document with his photo and dates of service. I called her a number of times over the years but she never found the document. I assumed Heimat was his name so I never asked his name.


Proud Kraut,

Thank you very much for the information.

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