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Bavarian Gendarmerie Sergeant Uniform


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This is a circa 1898 Bayern Gendarmerie Sergenten Uniform. This dark green uniform was worn by a Gendarmerie Sergeant of the Royal Bavarian Rural Police during the period of time that the Kingdom of Bavaria existed prior to the end of WWI. The rural Gendarmerie remained largely unchanged at the end of WWI and these uniforms continued in wear until circa 1936. The German Gendarmerie were considered to be a part of the military establishment but as policemen they did not have to be counted in the 100,000 man Reichswehr. Their weapons did have to be counted and reported to the Allied Control Commission however.






2015 Gend tunic.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie tunic.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie tunic back.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie cuff.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie collar.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie shoulderboard.JPG

Bavarian Imp Gendarmerie interior.JPG

Bav Gend cap.JPG

Bav Gend cap 2.JPG

Bav Gend cap interior.JPG

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I wonder if the original owner of this uniform had some stories to tell about fights against the German communist party and the fledgling Nazi party.

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I suspect the original owner would have some tales to tell. He has loops for two medals so he would have seen a few things that he might relate while relaxing at the beer hall.




This uniform was worn for a long period of time so weapons and accouterments changed. A Gendarm would have normally worn brown leather with either a brass box buckle or an open buckle on the waist belt as shown. He would have typically carried either a Model 1879 or a Model 1883 Reichsrevolver in his brown leather flapped holster prior to WWI.




The peaked cap would have also changed over time and would have originally been worn without a chin strap prior to the end of the war but could have a leather chin strap added later. If you will look closely at this cap you will see another set of holes on either side of the Bavarian cockade. That is because this cap continued to be worn until the police were nationalized and given new uniforms after 1936. So, this cap, at one time, had a Model 1934 eagle and swastika within a wreath of laurel replace the white/blue Bavarian cockade. I restored this cap to its original condition, to better match the uniform time period, by replacing that insignia with an original cockade placed through the original holes. Either configuration would be correct as both sets of insignia have been on this particular cap.

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Sarge this is really a fantastic uniform and cap! You have shown us some great police uniforms on this site! Thank you!

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Thanks for the kudos guys. This is a neat uniform that was worn for a long time through Imperial, Weimar Republic, and NS Zeit (until the 1936 Nationalization and uniform changes).


And, as Fred mentioned he could continue to wear his earned Imperial awards such as medals, shooting cords, and edged weapons or their knots. Most policemen could continue to wear their earlier earned uniform trappings so it gives some items (such as the cap) long and interesting histories.


BTW, notice that the cap was made in Deggendorf, which is a Bavarian city located NE of Munchen next to the Black Forrest.  Interestingly, the Allied Command established a large Displaced Persons (DP) Camp in Deggendorf, during the occupation, at the end of WWII.  



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