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Eritrean Askari Medals 1936

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Aloha Everyone,

These two (2) medals were acquired by my father while on USN occupation duty at Radio Marina, Asmara, Eritrea. He bartered for them in an Asmara marketplace while on liberty one night.

They were awarded to a native Eritrean Askari infantryman who fought alongside the Italian fascist army in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-1936. This conflict was also known as the Abyssinian Crisis and is considered by many historians as the beginning of World War II in Europe and Africa.

The Askari was a member of the Eritrean Army Corps and at the end of the conflict he was awarded the Italian East Africa Campaign Medal (Ethiopian Medal) and also the rarer Eritrea Army Corps Medal for his service in the war.




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Italian East Africa Campaign Medal (Ethiopian Medal)

Obverse: Profile of King Emanuele III of Italy

Reverse: Mussolini's motto in defiance of the League of Nations economic sanctions imposed for invading Abyssinia

MOLTI NEMICI, MOLTO ONORE - Many Enemies, Much Honor




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Eritrean Army Corps Victory Medal
Obverse: Attacking Askari Soldier, commemorating the fall of Addis Ababa

Reverse: Listing all of the battle victories of the Eritrean Army Corps (which included the use of poison gas, the issue which caused the League of Nations to act against Fascist Italy)





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