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Russian Badges and Document Booklet - Gift to 1st Infantry Division 1995


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This is soemthing you don't see everyday. This is a set of badges and document booklet given to a US soldier from the 1st Infantry Division during a combined US-Russian exercise. The items are from the 27 Guard Omsko-Novobugskaya, who took part in a joint exercise with the 1st ID in Ft. Riley, Kansas in 1995. They may have also done other exercises with them at later dates.

Here is a link from a 1995 article: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1310&dat=19951027&id=TnMVAAAAIBAJ&sjid=G-sDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6150,6372889

Just as a note, the third badge in the top picture (left to right), is not part of this specific grouping, but it did come from the same soldier though.


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Interesting that it was awarded to an American.  Imagine how many medals they would give to the average Ruskie: 8 or 10?


What is that first badge: double-headed eagle?  Hat badge of the Kremlin Guards?  

I guess that makes sense as the US 1st Division provides guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.



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Let's be clear here- these are a gift set of badges and were NOT an award to an individual. They could not and cannot be worn on an American uniform. These sets used to be plentiful at FT Riley, but I imagine they have all dried up by now.



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