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Dutch orders, medals, decorations and medalsets


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Hi Silvio, that is a nice knight grade, civilian division.


I like to enclose two pictures of a second group I own. I really tried to identify this set and gave it a good try. Sadly I couldn't narrow it down than to 4 officers once serving in the Netherlands East Indies.


The group is made of three medals. The first one is the Expedition Cross with one bar "ATJEH 1873 - 1896" and the Crown for honourable mention. The second one is a bronze Lombok Cross and the third one is an Officers Cross with numeral XV.


The lead William or Expedition Cross is a type 1, 2nd emission of 1873, model C. The official name of this award is Cross for Important War Actions (Kruis voor Belangrijke Krijgsverrichtingen). The bar is the last of a serie of six bars all starting with 1873 and ending with the year of the Aceh campaign. As the campaign continued the last year changed with it.


The Lombok Cross was instituted for the Dutch campaign of 1894 to the island with the same name. The cross in the group was made by the Rijksmunt, the Dutch mint, who received the official contract for the original batch.


The third award is the Officers Cross instituted in 1844 as a clasp and in 1866 as a cross. This one is a gilded, silver marked type made prior to 1906. It is makermarked CB (Cornelis Begeer) and ordered with this company by van Wielik (name also on the cross) who supplied it to the Dutch Ministry of War. The wreath with XV in it's center is a separate attachment and also silver marked.


Furthermore I enclose two pictures of a group of two to the same man. I got the two groups together. The second group is lacking the Officers Cross as I think it was made prior to the officer receiving it. The group is smaller in size. Some call it the Prinzen size.


Enjoy the pictures.




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I hope you enjoyed my postings and invite everybody to add to this topic.




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This is a great thread, I find it interesting. My interest is Dutch Medals is limited to Dutch participation in Korea, 1950-1953. Anybody have items from Korea to share?

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I recently obtained this group. The wearer was Lieutenant Colonel (infantry) Gerhardus T.A. Donkersloot. (1917-1997)


He served as a cadet in 8th Infantry Regiment in 1940. Fought at the Grebbeberg in May 1940. Was prisoner of the Germans in WW2. Stayed in after WW2 and retired in 1972. Just before his retirement he was awarded the Officer grade in the Order of Orange-Nassau with the swords.



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