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Bavarian Gendarmerie Transitional Schirmmutze

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This Bavarian Gendarmerie peaked cap would have changed over time and would have originally been worn without a chin strap prior to the end of the WWI but could have had a leather chin strap added later. If you will look closely at this cap you will see another set of holes on either side of the Bavarian cockade. That is because this cap continued to be worn until the police were nationalized and given new uniforms after 1936. So, this transitional cap, at one time, had an early Model 1934 Polizei eagle and swastika within a wreath of laurel replace the white/blue Bavarian cockade. I restored this cap to its original condition, to better match a uniform time period, by replacing the NS Zeit insignia with an original cockade placed through the original holes. Either configuration would be correct as both sets of insignia have been worn on this particular cap during the period of use.




Pol EM M34 cap eagle.JPG

Bav Gend cap 2.JPG

Bav Gend cap side.JPG

Bav Gend cap.JPG

Bav Gend cap interior.JPG

Bav Gend cap label.JPG

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