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TR WWI Veterans Breast and Cap Eagles

Old Marine

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I know these are badges for WWI Veterans. However if anyone could shed some light on exactly what I have here I would appreciate it. Who wore these? Were these for members of a party sanctioned veteran's organization? Were these worn by military personnel with WWI service? Is it normal for the gold navy eagle to be looking the opposite direction of the silver army ones?


And one last question, what is the left looking variation on left? Is that just a variation or an early style.


Anyway any comments or observations will be appreciated.








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It's my understanding that the organization was formed in WWI, not necessarily for just WWI vets, as the DRKB...renamed NS-RKB in 1938. It was a veterans group aimed at preserving comradeship of veterans and providing financial assistance as needed. The gold one was for the NSDMB (Naval) and fell under the NS-RKB


The stuff is relatively affordable and not overly popular by TR collectors, I suppose because the guys who wore these had already left service, mostly prior to WWII...but there is certainly a lot of variety there


The silver one of similar pattern to the gold was for the Soldatenbund, another organization formed in 1936 before being rolled into the NS-RKB in 1938 and is a fairly tough to find emblem

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