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Japanese booklet, Identification type?


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I have a large lot of paperwork that is Japanese.

Here is a photo of four pieces of paperwork.

I know one is some kind of war bond.

The small booklet on the right with the stork feeding babies is

interesting. I will post some pages of that booklet.


The story is that this man was killed during WW2, but I have

no way to find out any information.


Anyone read Japanese to tell what these items are?






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It's a boshi techou (母子手帳) from Hyougo Prefecture (兵庫県) 1950


It's kind of a mother/child birth/health record book.


Omae (surname) 大前 ** Kazuhiro (given name) 和博 was born on July 17, 1950


Mother's name was Etsu (恵律)


Father's name was Yoshi ()


** Yoshihiro also possible. Same characters.

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Thank you !!!


I ended up with a small box full of paperwork, including personal letters and booklets,

a couple of maps and other misc papers.

And several larger format black and white negatives of a Japanese family.

The story I got was that someone in Japan moved into a house and found this

lot of paperwork and I got it, instead if it being thrown out.


Looks to me that the Japanese man moved to Brazil before the war and maybe was

a dentist? Then back to Japan. The story is he went into the service and was killed in

the war. That is the story I got anyway.


Again, thank you for your help.



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