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Early Viet Cong Helmet with SKS Belt


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I was extremely happy to pick up this entire set a few months ago for quite cheap.


This is helmet is a wicker type that is normally associated with use by the Viet Minh/Viet Cong. However, the helmet is very well constructed, much more so than what most VC usually wore. It is both lightweight, but quite fragile. The cover is made from a single piece of beige colored fabric. Whoever made the cover took the time to sew the bunched up fabric uniformly around the helmet so it has a tight fit which conforms the helmet. Interestingly enough, the owner also drew a red star onto the front (off center as well) with a divided background, which leads me to believe this is a Viet Cong rather than an earlier Viet Minh helmet. A nice cotton fish net tops off the whole set. The chinstrap also features a plastic chinstrap which has hardened with age. A neat thing to point out is that there a traces of purple ink (I could not take a very good photo of it) on the chinstrap, the liner and the cover. Purple ink was a common ink color that was used by Vietnamese students during the period. The only downside is that there's no history with the helmet. When I messaged the seller, they stated that the helmet and belt were purchased together in a box of military items at an auction.


I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do!




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