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Who has some swords!


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I like swords. I collect mostly Polizei related swords but I am kinda like a crow in that I am attracted to bright shiny objects such as Army, Navy, Luft, etc. swords as well. Of course I am also attracted to swords with presentations and etched blades.


Anyway, here is a single example in the form of a Saxon Police short sword. I really do like the short swords.


Of course, the Saxon Police also wore long swords so I have a few of them as well.



Sax Pol sword.JPG

Sax Pol sword back.JPG

Sax Pol sword close.JPG

Sax Pol sword hilt.JPG

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Here is a nice dove hilt Heer Officer sword by Weyersberg with an etched blade. This Army sword is interesting in that it has the owner's initials engraved on the reverse langet. The blade is also distinctive in that it is a quill back blade and one of the very few blades of this type that I have seen with an NS Zeit etching.



Dove hilt etched sword.JPG

Dove hilt etched sword hilt.JPG

Dove hilt etched sword initials.JPG

Dove hilt etched blade.JPG

Dove hilt etched blade reverse.JPG

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Nice clean swords pvon.


Yeah, these candlestick swords are pretty neat.



Sword candlesticks.JPG

Sword candlestick.JPG

Sword candlestick langet.JPG

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Here is one of the so-called "Dove" swords by Weyersberg that you show above. Actually, this bird shown in the langet is not a dove holding an olive branch but an eagle holding a branch of laurel indicating battle honors instead of a peace offering. This sword has a fully etched blade.



Weyserberg dove langet.JPG

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