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Texas Military Forces Museum

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Thanks for sharing! Not heard of them before. While I won't make it out to TX . . . I have some research about a few WWII Texas airmen. Do you know if this museum would be interested in info about Texas KIA airmen? I would love to share my info with someplace where others could have it at some point.

If you ever want a custom hand-embroidered (no machine) patch, I'm open to commissions! Pay or trade!

For an idea of my military collecting interests and wish list, see my profile page!

Looking for Crimea Medal - Original or Repro - with or w/o ribbon and/or up to four Army bars!

Always interested in French Resistance stuff and any diver pins/patches/badges!

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That is a for sure! I recommend contacting them first and see who you need to send the information to.

All the best,


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