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Unit Insignia on US Special Forces / Spain Special Ops pennant

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I am looking for more information on the symbols / insignia on the pennant shown from 1965. The item appears to be a Joint US Special Forces / Spanish Special Operations pennant for some sort of joint training or visit with the US flag having the SF patch and the Spanish Flag having their Special Operations insignia. I am interested in what the two center pieces may represent. Any help or information on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you.


77th Inf. Div.




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It looks to me like a Joint Mountain Training exercise with USSF guys and Spanish special OPs guys .Sarrio in Spanish is a Pyrenean Mountain Goat the upper emblem and the one in the center in green and blue is probably a depiction or crest or emblem of the Mountain region where it was held.Just my thoughts on your post.PS A Neat piece of history.Scotty

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Greetings from Spain, this flag is commemorating a special operations exercise called SARRIO, which in effect owes its name to a Pyrenean mountain goat that is also called Rebeco, the rhombus under the Rebeco belongs to the military mountain school, in these exercises participated U.S. special forces units and sometimes, seals, udt and british commandos with the Spanish special operations companies (C.O.E.) these flags were very common in the 60s and 70s. This exercise is done today, but the pennants are not.


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