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SCHUPO NCO Schirmmutze

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Here is a nice example of a Schutzpolizei (Schupo) peaked cap (Schirmmutze) made in the form of a "soft" top cap rather than the normally seen "saddle" or "plate" (Teller) shape of a Schirmmutze.


This tailor made cap is in made in the normal format for police peaked caps, having a police green top and a brown band with police green piping. It has the standard NCO style black leather chin strap but this strap is secured by two Officer style pebbled buttons rather than the normally seen black painted smooth buttons. The top has two wire screen metal vents on each side (normal for Polizei Schirmmutzen) but there is no wire stiffener so the top is soft and rather floppy. The front of the peak is heavily padded to accentuate this soft shape often seen on so-called "crusher" style peaked caps. However, this cap does not have a fold-able leather visor but instead has a short black fiber visor with a highly angled rake. The metal insignia is standard for a Police NCO.


The interior lining has the normally seen orange oil cloth with a wide brown leather sweat band. The celluloid insert indicates the cap was manufactured in Berlin in 1940. In 1938 the brother's address was Uniform-Mutzen-Fabrik, Berlin SW. 61, Kreuzbergstr. 30.






SCHUPO EM cap side.JPG

SCHUPO EM cap 1936 eagle.JPG

SCHUPO EM cap interior.JPG

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