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Very, very late war Soldier's Service Record Notebook

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Thought it might be fun to take a look at a very late war Service Record Notebook. These tend to be thicker than the earlier ones and sport a rougher finish.




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Conscription was tied to the national census and by law took place in the year before a youngster turned 20. The personal information in his service record booklet is as follows:


Kumamoto Divisional District, Kumamoto Regimental District

Seibu 61 Butai (61st Western Army District Unit)


2nd Class Private

岡山県 Okayama Prefecture, 苫田郡 Tomata District 上加茂村 Upper Kamo Village

Last name: Yamamoto, First name: Takeo

Born: Jul 30, 1926




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His service history shows entries for just one day:

June 10, 1945, active duty with Seibu 61 Butai (61st Western District Army Unit), enters camp O

Same day 米良Joins Komeyoshi Tai (Komeyoshi Unit/Company) O Same day Private 2nd Class O

Two months later the war ended.


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