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S&W Revolver issued to the Austrian Police

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This is a circa 1946 Smith & Wesson Model Military & Police .38 S&W caliber police revolver. This US revolver was made in 1941 and was re-issued to the Austrian Police under US occupation after 1946. It is property marked both “United States Property” and “Osterreich Polizei” on the frame. The US insignia is from the United States Forces Austria (USFA) during US occupation. I have a factory letter from Smith & Wesson indicating this particular revolver was manufactured in December of 1941 and was shipped to the US Army shortly thereafter.

S&W Austria.JPG

S&W Austrian Polizei.JPG

S&W right side.JPG

S&W sideplate.JPG


S&W 38 ctg.JPG

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Very cool occupation time weapon! I suppose these are very rare?


These revolvers are few and far between, particularly when accompanied by a S&W factory letter. This is the so-called first style wartime "Victory Model" revolver that was made with a commercial blue finish and commercial wooden grips. Later versions had a parkerized military finish and had plain wooden grips among other changes.


The US Military issued the Austrian Police these .38 S&W caliber revolvers so USFA Occupation Forces could keep better track of the handguns and ammunition that were allotted to the reconstituted Austrian Police. The Austrian Police were not thrilled with them since they had been armed with semi-auto pistols for many years.


Here is another scarce Austrian made item... the proper holster. This black flap holster was made in the Austrian manner with two riveted belt loops and an ammunition pouch under the holster flap. This style of pouch for extra ammunition is a long time feature of Austrian Police holsters. The German style of holster is very similar to this but normally does not have the extra ammunition pouch.

Austrian MP holster.JPG

Austrian MP holster interior.JPG

Austrian MP holster pouch.JPG

Austrian MP holster front.JPG

Austrian MP holster back.JPG

Austrian MP holster butt.JPG

"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson

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