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I apologize if this has been covered before, but what ever happened to all of the Third Reich flags/banners/standards that were tossed at the base of Lenin's mausoleum at the end of the Moscow Victory Parade, 24 June, 1945? I was always under the impression that they were burned immediately afterward.


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No the weren't burned. Most of these flags are stored at the central armed forces museum in Moskow. Some were displayed there.


"...the most prized display is that dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, which includes the Victory Banner as well as all of the front banners and the captured Nazi ones that were used during the Victory Parade in 1945..."





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Here is a link to another article about the flags... As I understand it in one of the museums in Moscow there is a glass floor where you can look down and see some of the relics from WW2..





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It's good to know they weren't destroyed. Fascinating stuff, Thanks!


After the destruction that was wreaked on Russia, who would blame them if they did.


Lars, great links. There are a lot of interesting photos on that Trip Advisor link, with what looks like a case full of Iron Crosses stacked deep.

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There was a museum tour many years ago that was called "WW2 through Russian Eyes" (or something like that). I recall it was the first time many of the WW2 artifacts had been outside of Russia. It was full of artifacts from the war including a lot of the unit standards from the war. They displayed them like the picture with the actual standards laying on the ground behind a glass display. It was impressive to see all of them.

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