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WW1 German ID Tag

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Last night at our treasure hunt meeting, I received this brand from another searcher.
Thanks again to Charly.
The brand he found only a week ago near Dorfen / Erding in a small forest.
To read is still:
Haban Georg
Zeilhofen / Erding
18. 11. Unknown
Ers. M.G.K. the rest illegible
On the back are the entries BAY. R.J.R. 3 and 3.M.G.K.N. 204
The interesting thing is, Zeilhofen is located between Dorfen and Erding.
Zeilhofen consists of 30 houses and 5 streets.
And lo and behold, the phone book actually contains an entry called Haban.
In the middle of the village.
He probably threw the mark into the forest shortly before he came home.


Gruß AB45



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Interesting tag. I see from a quick search that although he survived the war he probably lost a sibling or close relative. A Lorenz Haban from the same locality was killed on 12th August 1916.

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