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Jack the Collector

The Women Who Flew for Hitler: The True Story of Hitler's Valkyries

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Fellow forum dwellers,I just finished this book.The Women Who Flew for Hitler: The True Story of Hitler's Valkyries by Clare Mulley 2017.


"Hanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg were talented, courageous, and strikingly attractive women who fought convention to make their names in the male-dominated field of flight in 1930s Germany. With the war, both became pioneering test pilots and were awarded the Iron Cross for service to the Third Reich. But they could not have been more different and neither woman had a good word to say for the other."


An interesting but tedious read,could have been better written.Naturally all is my opinion,but this book read more like another homage to the von Stauffenberg family.The Author did do the research and covered much of what these 2 ladies did for the Luftwaffe.However,it was very clear which of the ladies she liked and which she despised.That got very annoying.I admit there was one line that infuriated me,she out right called Hannah a coward.Now yes,Hannah had character flaw and she has been judged for her post war allegiances all valid,yet IMHO she was no coward.Despite my aversion to favoritism in a history book,this book is worth the read and has some good information.










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