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Jaeger zu Pferde Reserve Officer Helmet, Regiment 8 - 13

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Here's a helmet I got lucky acquiring this past November at a sleepy auction that I took a chance and drove 240 miles in order to attend in Kansas City, Missouri. I was very fortunate because there were not any other collectors bidding against me, only 2-antique dealers/resellers.

Worn by a Reserve Officer for Jaeger zu Pferde Regiment 8 through 13.

The fluted spike, spike base, and the top ring on the neck of the spike are tombac color, which signifies Regiments #8 through 13.

Underside of front visor is lined in fine green color calfskin. Underside of back lobster tail visor is covered in a creme color velvet cloth.

The calfskin sweatband has been torn at some point of time, and someone in the past did a fairly good job of stabilizing the tear line, which also helps to hide the tear somewhat.

I also had to replace a missing domed split brad on one side of the front visor, and I found a domed threaded screw for one that was missing from the spike base.

Best Regards,





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Very Nice!


Complete with the proper Prussian and Nationale cockades as well.

"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson

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